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What Are Seawalls & Why Are Seawall Inspections Important?

Do you own property that sits on or near a body of water? You may have a seawall. If so, it is crucial that you have your seawall regularly inspected to ensure that it is in optimal working condition.

At Guardian Angel Inspections, we provide comprehensive inspection services throughout South Florida. One of the inspection services we specialize in is seawall inspections. Whether you are a seller with a seawall on your property or a buyer looking to purchase property with a seawall, we are happy to provide a thorough inspection.

What Is a Seawall?

Seawalls are vertical or sloping structures that serve as barriers between a property and the shore. Waterfront properties require seawalls to keep the body of water from penetrating the land.

The structures of seawalls also serve to prevent earth from spilling out onto the shore. Therefore, seawalls do exactly as their name implies: they act as walls to block the sea and other bodies of water.

The Importance of Seawall Inspections

Routine inspections are required to ensure the stability and reliability of the seawall in question. Since seawalls are generally quite expensive, inspections can help identify potential concerns before they turn into extensive repairs or replacements.

When you hire Guardian Angel Inspections to regularly inspect your seawall, you will have valuable evidence to show potential buyers if you ever wish to sell your property.

Not only will you be able to prove the stability of your seawall, but you will also be able to show that you have had ongoing inspections that confirm the functional quality of your seawall. 

What Happens During a Seawall Inspection?

There are a couple of different aspects involved in seawall inspections. First, there is the condition monitoring aspect. Here, we routinely examine your seawall to make sure it is fulfilling its responsibilities. 

We look for any changes in the seawall’s baseline condition by taking measurements. In doing so, we can tell whether any changes have occurred since our last inspection. If any are present, we take the appropriate steps to look for the cause of such changes.

The second aspect of seawall inspections is performance monitoring. Here, we make sure that your seawall is capable of stopping oncoming waves. We also ensure that the backfill behind the seawall is incapable of spilling over.

If any part of your seawall is underwater, you can trust that we will examine all areas, whether on dry land or otherwise.

With every inspection of seawalls, we carefully evaluate the following:

  • Structural integrity
  • Wave overtopping
  • Composition
  • Beach scour
  • Table levels
  • Crest level
  • Toe level

When we perform a visual inspection of your seawall, we start from land and work our way below the waterline. Using advanced equipment, we check the thickness of your seawall using ultrasonic readings.

These readings also start on land and extend below the waterline. At Guardian Angel Inspections, we also employ acoustic imaging techniques. We are able to determine if your seawall has suffered any structural concerns since our last visit. 

We carefully compare our reading, examining prior inspections with present-day inspections. Any inconsistencies alert us to additional attention in specific areas based on readings.

In the event that repairs or sections of seawall need to be replaced, we will present you with our findings and discuss your options you. 

Seawalls come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. Because of the potential for differences, we understand that each client’s seawall must be approached as a unique inspection.

When it comes to seawalls, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all inspection solution. Therefore, we take our time to thoroughly examine your seawall so that nothing is overlooked or missed.

When you schedule routine seawall inspections, you are doing your part in preventive maintenance. Without these inspections, you run the risk of your seawall collapsing or breaking before you can identify and repair the problem. 

A faulty or broken seawall can cause extensive damages to everything around it. As such, we encourage you to contact Guardian Angel Inspections today to schedule an appointment with our trusted team.

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