Well Water Inspections Broward County

Guardian Angel Inspections recommends well water inspection for Fort Lauderdale properties that have a private well. This small proactive step can save you from making the wrong investment. If you are already the owner of any such property, it will give you an accurate view of the well system and the drinking water it supplies for your household.

Water Testing Broward County – The Purpose It Serves

Drinking contaminated water means that there is an always present risk of falling ill. If you are lucky, it won’t be anything severe, and you will recover quickly. Nonetheless, one can’t always count on being lucky. Some water contaminants are hazardous and have the power to make you or other family members fatally ill. Water testing in Broward County will tell you the precise status of your water quality and help you prevent health risks well in time.

Well Water Inspector In Fort Lauderdale

The water testing is carried out by a trained and certified well water inspector in Fort Lauderdale. It is a step-by-step process that begins with :

  • Collecting a small sample of water right from your kitchen and evaluating it for odor, hardness, and clarity.
  • The collected water sample is tested for bacteria, nitrates, nitrites, lead, arsenic, and other such contaminants.
  • The well water inspector will also check the water’s alkalinity status.
  • A flow test will be conducted on the well system to gauge its output.
  • All the equipment of the well system is checked for signs of corrosion, ensuring it meets sanitation and other local codes.
  • Lastly, a digital report describing all findings and recommendations of the water inspector is given to the property owner or client.

Well Water Inspection Fort Lauderdale By Guardian Angel Inspections

  • The well water inspection by Guardian Angel Inspections is designed keeping in mind that at the end of it, the client or property owner should clearly know whether the water on their property is safe to drink or not.
  • It will also tell them whether the water supply is adequate for the home or not.
  • Finally, it will inform them if the well system was working as it should on the day of the inspection.

What We Don’t Do

  • We will not spin stories of what can happen. You already know that.
  • We will not tell you how much water is there in your water table and the years it will serve you. That is not a part of the inspection.
  • We will never chemically test the water until asked explicitly by the client.
  • We are not conmen, so we will not falsify any reports. We tell what we see, and what you get is what exists.

Why Guardian Angel Inspections? 

It’s simply because:

  • We operate under a strict Code of Ethics and standards of practice. So you get the highest quality of service with the highest degree of professionalism at all times.
  • We have experienced, fully trained, and certified professionals to do justice to every inspection undertaken by us.
  • We are dedicated to serving our clients to the best of our capability.