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Should You Have a Pool Inspection When Buying a Home with a Pool?

Pool inspections are necessary if:

  • You’re planning on buying a new home
  • You are considering selling your home
  • You want to ensure your pool is safe

At Guardian Angel Inspections, we provide comprehensive inspection services throughout South Florida and are happy to inspect your pool. 

After all, a thorough pool inspection lets potential buyers know whether your pool is safe or if it needs repairs and maintenance after purchase. 

If you are a potential buyer, the same rules apply, like a pool inspection lets you know whether you’re looking at an extra expense following your purchase of the property. 

And if you’re the homeowner and you just want to ensure the safety of your pool, a professional inspection will tell you everything you need to know.

At Guardian Angel Inspections, our goal is to offer affordable inspections throughout South Florida. From pool inspections to complete home inspections and everything in-between, you can count on us to provide exceptional service in all that we do.

What Do Pool Inspections Tell You?

Pool inspections are rather comprehensive, as they tell you essential information about the pool in question. Let’s take a moment to examine what’s included and what you’ll learn as a result of requesting a professional inspection of your pool.

Safety Status

Pool inspections ensure that your pool is a fun and enjoyable destination for summer relaxation. One of the safety items we check is making sure that there are no electrical lines anywhere nearby that could come in contact with your pool water. We also check railings and fencing to ensure that the walkway around the pool is safe for everyone during use. Keep in mind that the exact height required by local regulations may vary. And although pool inspectors don’t have to ensure that your pool area is up to local code, we are happy to make recommendations and answer questions regarding the status of your pool.

Lining and Interior

Pools made with vinyl lining helps keep your pool water neatly contained within. If there are punctures in the lining, your pool will leak and can lead to expensive repairs. 

As such, we carefully examine your pool’s lining to ensure that everything is working as intended and that there is no visible damage.

If your pool’s interior is made of plaster, we will check to ensure that there aren’t any cracks that could lead to leaks and further damage.

Tile, Decking, and Drainage

If you have a deck around your pool, the structure needs to be sound and free of defects. After all, this is where loved ones and friends often gather and relax.

At Guardian Angel Inspections, we carefully inspect your deck and tiling to make sure that both are free of defects. If defects are present, they could cause someone to trip and fall as they are walking around the pool.

Such hazards need to be fixed right away to avoid accidents and potential injuries. If we notice any defects, we will advise you on the most cost-effective and safest solution to remedying such concerns.

Additionally, we inspect your drainage to see whether it is draining as it should. If not, we will advise on getting it fixed so as to avoid further damage to your pool and the area around it.

Pumps, Filters, and Heaters

If any of these mechanical items are not working properly, your pool will quickly become a messy area. Although some pools don’t have heaters, pumps and filters are almost always present and ensure water safety. As such, we will monitor the functions of all components to see whether adjustments or replacements are in order.

Surrounding Yard

If something is malfunctioning or not working correctly in your pool, your surrounding yard will often reveal that something is wrong. And because of that, we make sure to pay careful attention to yard quality and look for any clues that could indicate a faulty pool or equipment.


If you have additional pool accessories, such as a diving board or slide, we are happy to inspect their quality to ensure that they are functioning properly. Keep in mind many insurance companies will ask that these accessories be removed due to their safety standards.

If we determine that there are safety concerns with any of your pool accessories, we will promptly advise you on replacing the faulty components.

If you’re ready to give yourself the peace of mind that your pool is safe for you and your loved ones, we encourage you to call Guardian Angel Inspections today.

Call Guardian Angel Inspections for South Florida Pool Inspections

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