Septic Inspections Palm Beach County

A septic system is one of the most expensive single components of your new home. Therefore, you must check its condition before you purchase.

A septic system inspection by experienced professionals presents you with information about the septic system components and their current operating conditions. Inspection results depend on a knowledgeable inspector’s experience and expertise, the information provided by the property’s current owner, and observable conditions at the time of the inspection. 

Inspection results in a septic system report will have the following information:

  • The condition of the system and its components.
  • Poor conditions in the system and any need for further testing.
  • List of corrective measures to be taken if needed.

Our inspectors at Guardian Angel Inspections are certified and thoroughly experienced in inspecting all types of septic systems in west palm beach county

A Septic Inspection report provides you with important information about the present condition of the system. Nevertheless, it does not guarantee that the system will function well in the future.

Why Choose Us For Septic System Inspection In Palm Beach County

  1. State-of-the-art digital location equipment designed to find buried septic systems during the septic inspection without excavating. 
  2. Our staff is certified and thoroughly experienced in inspecting septic tanks over many years.
  3. We use digital cameras that are designed especially for septic inspections. These are used to check all critical components of the septic system visually. 
  4. We provide reports within one business day following the inspection.

Our Step by Step Septic Inspection Process In West Palm Beach

  1. Examine all the septic components: Our inspectors examine all appliances and associated pipes for proper connections. They also verify if all waste lines are correctly discharging into approved waste systems.
  2. Inspecting the treatment tank: We will examine the inlet and outlet baffles in the tank and check the volume of the treatment tank. Our team will then inspect for cracks, holes, and other defects. 
  3. Examine the conveyance system: Our staff will examine the distribution box for leakage, cracks, and corrosion. All pipes leading to the box are examined using digital camera technology. It will help us to find pipes that are cracked or corroded.
  4. The absorption field checks: We use digital cameras to inspect pipes leading to the absorption field visually. A flow test will be conducted, which will allow our septic inspectors to observe drainage. Our team will visually inspect the surface area to locate signs of system backups and examine the underground to check for drainage levels.
  5. Comprehensive reports: Finally, we will provide inspection reports stating precisely the overall condition of the septic system and what defects may be present. We will also guide you with the list of corrective measures to be taken after the inspection.

Most of the septic inspection companies in west palm beach perform only preliminary inspections. However, with Guardian Angel Inspections, you can ensure that our standard inspections are complete underground inspections.