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If you are planning on buying a home, there are essential inspections that must take place to ensure that you are making a sound investment. 

One of these is a septic inspection. If the property you’re thinking about purchasing has a septic tank, an inspection will tell you if it’s in working condition or if additional service is needed to get it up to par. 

Here at Guardian Angel Inspections, we provide comprehensive inspection services throughout Palm Beach, Broward, Dade, Martin, St Lucie and Hendry Counties and are happy to inspect your septic tank. Whether you are the seller or buyer, we will provide a thorough inspection, so you’ll know where you stand.

Why Hire a Septic Inspection Service?

Septic tank inspectors must have a license to perform the necessary inspection in many states. As such, not just anyone can provide your septic inspection. If you are the owner of a home with a septic tank system, regular maintenance and upkeep are essential in ensuring that your property doesn’t have any potential problems. 

If you decide to sell your home one day, a good history of septic tank service and inspections will play a big role in your ability to sell. In fact, conducting septic tank inspections is a major obstacle in many states that needs to be addressed in order to complete real estate transactions.  

If you want to buy a house equipped with this type of septic treatment system, a proper inspection is absolutely essential. Septic tank inspections ensure that the system is functioning properly so that you and your family do not get sick due to leaks or other potential health concerns.

Due to these kinds of treatment systems being located underground, it is easy for homeowners to ignore septic tank inspections. But if anything goes awry, you will wish that you had taken the time to call a professional inspection service out to take a closer look.

Of course, you also need a septic tank inspection on a regular and ongoing basis throughout the entire process of your own home ownership. If you fail to do so, you may soon find expensive repair bills piling up. 

Does Every Home Have a Septic System?

Approximately 2.6 million homes in Florida have a septic tank system in operation. This comes out to about 12% of the United States’ entirety of septic systems. As such, there is a possibility that the next house you consider buying will have a septic system installed. 

You can be sure that this system is functioning properly by calling Guardian Angel Inspections. If you are in Palm Beach, Broward, Dade, Martin, St Lucie and Hendry Counties or the surrounding area, you can trust us to provide comprehensive inspection services to gauge the quality and performance of the septic system in question.

How Do Septic Systems Work?

Wastewater from the kitchen and bathroom leaves the house and enters the septic tank. Inside the tank itself, the waste is separated from the water, and the solid components sink to the tank’s bottom. Then, bacteria in the septic tank work to gradually break down the solid waste. 

The water that stays at the upper portion of the tank enters the drainage area or leaching area through the pipes. This includes gravel that serves to filter the water prior to it entering the soil. In turn, the soil assists in further filtering the water, ensuring that there are no contaminants in the water by the time it reaches a groundwater level. 

A lot of septic tank systems also use what is known as distribution boxes. These boxes aid in the flow of the water as it moves out to the leach field in the yard.

If any component goes wrong along the way, you could have a serious mess on your hands. But with regular inspections, you can be sure to keep your septic tank system functioning optimally.

If you are concerned about the cost of routine septic inspections, it’s worth noting that they are a fraction of what it would cost for a complete replacement. Inspections help prevent such replacements from needing to take place.

On average, just a septic tank alone for a four-bedroom home costs around $15,000. And that’s just the tank. The real cost comes in the installation of the leach field, which can run you anywhere from $5k to $50k!

To ensure that you avoid such astronomical costs, call Guardian Angel Inspections today, and we will be happy to arrange your affordable septic inspection.

Call Guardian Angel Inspections for South Florida Septic Inspections

Guardian Angel Inspections Inc. delivers professional home inspection services for your peace of mind. Regardless of your needs, you can trust our inspection experts to meet them. For example, you might be:

  • A potential buyer making sure a property is safe
  • A seller checking what items need addressing before listing
  • A current homeowner needing an insurance inspection
  • A real estate agent trying to find their client the best inspection company

Whatever your needs, Guardian Angel Inspections is ready to serve! To discuss your septic or home inspection needs, please call (561) 512-7854.

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