Septic Inspections Broward County

The septic system is one component of your house that you never think about until there is a problem. It can eventually lead to a costly repair bill that you never expected and never wanted. You can avoid this by finding a good septic inspection service in Broward County.

You must have the well and a septic system inspected if you are looking to buy a house with a private septic system in Fort Lauderdale. There could be many unknown difficulties that you won’t know about until they happen. Unlike most things in a house, it’s going to cost you a lot if something goes wrong with a septic system.

Septic Inspections are usually performed by a third party, licensed, and insured septic inspection company.

When should a septic system be inspected? 

The typical household septic system should be inspected at least once every year by a septic service professional. Household septic tanks are usually pumped every year. It is mandatory to inspect the septic system as soon as the house is put on the market for sale. It will improve the home’s value and avoid any accountability issues that might result from a malfunctioning system. The prospective buyer should insist that the septic system be inspected before purchasing the home if it has not been done.

Our Septic Inspection Process In Broward County

Essential functions of septic systems are performed underground and out of sight. Therefore, it is not unusual for homeowners to not know where the septic system is placed. It usually is not a problem except for when it comes time to inspect or pump the tank.

Our team locates the septic tank using the following methods:

  • Locate it by contacting the previous homeowner.
  • Newer tanks can be found without much difficulty as they contain risers that rise visibly above the ground-level.
  • A thin metal rod can be placed into the earth and used to examine a suspected area. It is essential to do this gently and only in soft, wet soil to avoid damaging the tank and associated pipes. A shovel can also be used.
  • A tiny radio transmitter is flushed into the toilet and followed by a receiver.
  • A metal detector will be used if enough tank components are metal.

How Our Team In Broward County Inspects Septic Baffles

Septic Baffles are the components of septic tanks that are designed to assist wastewater flow smoothly into the tank without interrupting the scum layer. They protect the absorbent quality of the soil and prolong the septic system’s life as a whole. The septic tanks and baffles are made of the same materials such as fiberglass, steel, or concrete.

Inspectors check baffles for the following:

  • Solids covering the baffle. It should be reported instantly, as it indicates overflow.
  • Erosion from chemicals and water flow.
  • Evidence of the previous overflow.
  • The sewage level should be a few inches below the baffle top. A higher sewage level indicates blockage, and a lower level can lead to leakage.