Pool Inspections Palm Beach County

In your dreams, your house will always have a pool – and even a spa if possible. If you want this dream to be a happy reality, it would be best to understand the importance of pool inspection. It is the best way to determine the expenses you are most likely to bear to keep these assets usable.

Pool inspection in West Palm Beach County is conducted to assess the working condition of the pool and the safety measures employed thereof. The same assessment is carried out for the spa. Both these assets tend to have several parts that suffer wear and tear with time and also due to lack of maintenance. Inspection allows every homeowner to become aware of these shortcomings.

Pool Inspection In West Palm Beach County Covers

A pool inspector in West Palm Beach will validate the condition of the following:

  • Structural components
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical components
  • Filtration paraphernalia
  • Heating components
  • Safety measures

Pool Inspection In West Palm Beach County By Guardian Angel Inspections

At Guardian Angel Inspections, we inspect new, upgraded, and existing pools and spas. Our pool inspector will conduct a non-invasive visual examination to evaluate its present working condition. After the inspection, you will be given a comprehensive inspection report that will cover all our observations and comments.

Basic Pool Inspection In West Palm Beach County

The basic pool inspection will cover the following things:

  • Placement And Safeguards – it will include gates, fencing, screen enclosure, closeness to electrical cables, setting of electrical outlets, and placement in respect to the home.
  • Vessel And Coping – it will cover the surface condition (staining, cracks, and pitting) of the pool, spa, and deck. Drains are examined for the safety and existence of anti-vortex covers.
  • Equipment Condition – it will comprise of checks for pool and spa lights, junction box location and condition, GFCI devices, pipes, filters, timers, pumps, skimmers, heater controls, and electrical bonding.
  • Functionality – This check covers the operability of all the pool and spa equipment. It will cover pump operations, leakage inspection, appropriate skimming and filtration, the pressure of the filter, working of the spa blower, and heater activation.

Advanced Pool Inspection In West Palm Beach County

Advanced pool inspection is a more comprehensive examination of the pool and spa. It is also the most recommended because it comprises of:

  • Basic inspection.
  • Confirming the pool’s leak status and carrying out leak location procedures if there are any leaks.
  • Verification of leak repairs to affirm they hold. This will avoid call-back for re repairing.
  • Comparing pump-on to pump-off water loss for more precise leak detection activities.

A device for leak recognition is put in the pool. It helps to determine if there is swift water loss. This device measures the change in water level to 10,000th of an inch, making for quick leak recognition, sometimes under 10 minutes. This is a very sensitive and effective inspection for leaks.

Guardian Angel Inspections At Your Service

You need us because:

  • You can trust us.
  • We are concerned for your health and safety.
  • We don’t sugarcoat.
  • We provide comprehensive written reports.