Pool Inspections St. Lucie County

A homeowner’s delight knows no bounds when they become proud owners of a house with a swimming pool or spa. But the same delight turns into misery when the very same assets become the bane of their beautiful house. All this is because a crucial thing like pool inspection is not given its due importance.

Importance Of Pool Inspection in Port St. Lucie

The swimming pool and spa in your home should be safe to use and hygienic as well. After all, your health and safety are equally important. The inspection of these assets is the only way to ensure both. Pool and spa inspection is, therefore, a necessary evil. Through an inspection carried out by a pool inspector in Port St. Lucie, you come to know of its actual condition.

Guardian Angel Inspections Pool Inspection In Port St. Lucie

Guardian Angel Inspections pool inspector in St. Lucie County appraises the body of the pool and spa, the equipment and other paraphernalia used therein, as well as the complete environment. The aim is to establish the present condition of the asset. Once the inspection is complete, we let the client know:

  • Immediate repairs the pool or spa may need along with any handy upgrades.
  • Things that will need repairs soon.
  • Those things which, if installed, will provide additional safety and make for improved hygiene.

Pool And Spa Inspection Services By Guardian Angel Inspections

There are two packages for our clients to choose from. These are:

1. Basic Pool Inspection St. Lucie County – Herein, we carry out a visual examination, which includes:

  • Placement Of Pool And Spa And Protection Around It – Railings, safety barriers, gates, positioning of electrical outlets, and clearance of the wires.
  • The Vessel And Coping Of The Pool And Spa – Assessment of the swimming pool and spa, its exterior and adjoining deck, and coping for staining, cracking, and pitting.
  • Equipment Of The Pool And Spa – It includes a complete examination of the pool lights, their location, junction box position and condition, all visible pipes, skimmers, timers, electrical bonding, and GFCI.
  • Operation Of Pool And Spa Equipment – It includes a thorough checkup to verify the working condition of the pump, any leakages, adequate skimming and filtering, filter pressure, heat activator, and operation of the spa blower.

2. Advanced Pool Inspection St. Lucie County – Advanced inspection includes the basic inspection along with:

  • Corroborate the leak status of the pool and spa. If there are none, no issues. If there are leaks, extensive procedures are carried out to detect the source and plug them.
  • After plugging the leaks, confirm their status to avoid expensive “call-backs” for repairs.
  • Analyze the pump-on to pump-off water loss for improved leak detection. To do this, a sensitive leak detection device is placed in the pool that can identify a leak within 10 minutes by measuring the change in water level.

Pool Inspector In Port St. Lucie

You need Guardian Angel Inspections pool and spa inspector in Port St. Lucie because: 

  • We are reputed and trustworthy.
  • We give you an honest picture.
  • We want you safe and healthy.