Pool Inspections Broward County

Having a swimming pool and a spa, or both at home is a dream come true. Although everyone cannot afford them, yet they make for a truly luxurious addition. However, there is a catch, and that is their condition.

Necessity Of Pool Inspection in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County?

Working conditions, hygiene, and safety are the three critical aspects of every swimming pool and spa. If you are not careful, your source of pride, the swimming pool, may become your worst nightmare. For this very reason, it is necessary to make time for your property’s pool inspection in Fort Lauderdale. 

Guardian Angel Pool Inspection Broward County

Guardian Angel Inspections pool inspector in Broward County evaluates the physical structure and equipment of the pool and spa and, along with it, the complete environment. The idea is to determine the current condition of the pool and let the client know of all things:

  • That needs immediate repairs or upgrades.
  • That will need attention in the immediate future.
  • That can be installed for additional safety and hygiene.

What We Do – Our Pool And Spa Inspection Services

At Guardian Angel Inspections, we offer two options for our clients from which they can choose. These are:

  • Basic Pool Inspection Broward County
  • Advanced Pool Inspection Broward County

Basic Pool Inspection Broward County

It comprises a visual examination of the following;

  • Pool And Spa Setting And Safeguards – Fences, gates, safety barriers, clearance of electrical wires, and location of electrical outlets.
  • Pool And Spa Vessel And Coping – Analysis of Pool and Spa, exterior and surrounding deck and coping for discoloration, pitting, and cracking.
  • Pool And Spa Apparatus And Equipment – Inspect the pool lights, subpanel, junction box for location and physical condition, pumps, visible piping, timers, skimmers, and GFCI and electrical bonding.
  • Functioning Of Pool And Spa Equipment – Examines the functioning of the pump, checks for leakage, appropriate skimming and filtration, heater triggering, filter pressure, and functioning of spa blower.

Advanced Pool Inspection Broward County

It includes the following checks:

  • Basic Inspection.
  • Confirms the pool’s leak status before devoting time to widespread leak location procedures.
  • Confirms leaks are properly plugged after repairs. Thus, avoiding expensive “call-backs.”
  • Evaluate pump-on to pump-off water loss. This is done for better leak location activities.

A Leak Detection device is placed in the pool to determine whether there is rapid water loss. It detects water level changes to 10,000th of an inch in as little as 10 minutes. This very sensitive inspection measures water loss of less than a gallon from a 20ft. x 40ft. pool within minutes.

Pool Inspector Fort Lauderdale

If you are looking for a pool and spa inspector in Fort Lauderdale, you will find none better than Guardian Angel Inspections. You need us because:

  • Your safety and that of your investment are our top priority.
  • We tell you as we see it. There’s no sugar coating.
  • We give typed reports of our findings and ensure that you understand the situation completely.
  • Above all, we are trustworthy.