New Construction – 11 Month Inspection South Florida

Phase Inspections

Time and money have been invested into building your new dream home. A phase inspection is essential to protecting your purchase. Being aware of defects prior to living in the home allows you to have these issues corrected immediately by the builder at no cost to you. Guardian Angel Inspections will inspect your home in different phases of the building process to help ensure quality construction.

Pre-Drywall/Framing Inspection

Performed once the foundation, framing, rough mechanical, electrical, and plumbing are completed.

Final Inspection

Performed once the home is finished and utilities are turned on prior to close of escrow, prior to your final walk-through with the Builder’s Customer Service Representative or Superintendent. The New Construction Home Inspection should be scheduled just a day or two before your final walk-through with the Builder.

1-Year Warranty / 11-Month Inspection

Have Guardian Angel Inspections professional third-party home inspection report for your builder before your first-year warranty expires

Guardian Angel Inspectors are Licensed and Insured to perform New Construction Inspections and complies with most major builder policies and requirements