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South Florida Mold Inspection – Mold Testing

Moisture Intrusion is identified through basic visual inspection if it has lead to obvious defects, such as staining or mold growth.  By the time visible evidence has presented itself, however, significant damage may have already been done.  In many cases, moisture or water intrusion may have been developing for a while before obvious signs become apparent.  Guardian Angel Inspections performs a visual examination of the home looking for evidence of moisture and visible growth on every inspection at no additional cost. When moisture is identified, the suspected area is tested with a moisture meter, to determine the level of moisture.

Mold testing can also be performed as a more in-depth inspection and this service is included in our Package 3, IAQ Mold Test to determine Air Quality or other types of Mold Testing results, to identify potential issues before they become large problems, and lead to serious damage. The IAQ Mold Test is our most comprehensive inspection and it includes an indoor air quality test, along with everything included in the Thermal Survey (thermal imaging/infrared examination.)