Mold Inspections Broward County

Buying or selling a structure, residential or commercial, in Fort Lauderdale is a trying time. As a seller, you want the best price the property can fetch, and as a purchaser, you want to ensure that your investment is sound. One significant factor that can lower the property value and make for an expensive mistake is MOLD. Therefore, mold testing in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County is strictly advised.

Banks and other money-lending financial institutions also insist on a mold inspection report before finalizing the mortgage. Suffice to say, mold inspection of the building or home is essential.

Mold Inspection in Fort Lauderdale Is Critical

Mold is a health hazard that leads to several breathing ailments, skin problems, and allergies. Also, where there is mold, there is moisture. Excessive moisture can make any construction unreliable, and the safety of the premises itself becomes questionable. The only way to find out whether the premise has mold infestation or not and its extent is through a mold inspection by a trusted mold inspector in Broward County. The report will serve the following purposes:

  • It lets the buyer and seller both know of any existing mold condition.
  • It gives a fair idea of the spread of the mold problem.
  • You can ascertain the expense of making the property mold-free and habitable before committing to buy it. This way, if it doesn’t suit your budget, you have successfully prevented an expensive mistake from occurring.

Visual Mold Inspection Fort Lauderdale

No part of the property is damaged in checking for mold because it only consists of visual assessment. It is not intrusive in any manner. Mold Testing in Fort Lauderdale consists of the following steps:

  • Visual inspection of the whole estate for any discernible and apparent signs of mold or fungal growth, or indicators thereof. 
  • A Moisture intrusion inspection using radio-wave moisture meters in all those areas of the estate that are predisposed to high moisture levels. 
  • Thorough check inside the heating and cooling system and ductwork for concealed microbial growth. 
  • A Thermal Imaging Camera will be used in the inspection process to detect and discover mold growth or its signs in areas not visible to the naked eye.

Guardian Angel Inspections Have The Best Mold Inspectors In Broward County

The quality of mold inspection depends on the expertise and eye for detail of the inspector. At Guardian Angel Inspections, we pride ourselves in having only the best trained and experienced mold inspectors of Broward County. Hence, when our team is on the job, you can rest assured that we shall leave nothing to chance and leave no stone unturned in giving you an accurate picture of the property. At the end of it all, we shall submit a detailed written report to make you aware of all our findings. 

To schedule the mold inspection of the property you plan to sell or buy, contact us today. You can also book an appointment by calling 561-512-7854.