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How Much Does a Septic Inspection Cost?

If you plan to buy a house, you must perform the necessary inspections to ensure that you have made a sound investment. One such inspection is a septic tank inspection.

If the property you are considering buying has a septic tank, a septic inspection will tell you if it is in working condition or if additional services are required to bring it up to standard. 

At Guardian Angel Inspections, we provide comprehensive inspection services throughout South Florida and will be happy to inspect your septic tank. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, we will conduct a thorough inspection to let you know where you stand.

You might be wondering how much a septic inspection costs. Keep reading to learn more about these inspections, such as their cost and when you should hire an inspection service.

Should You Have a Septic Inspection?

In many states, septic tank inspectors must be licensed to perform the necessary inspections. Therefore, not everyone can provide your septic tank inspection. If you have a septic tank system, regular maintenance and upkeep are essential to ensure that your property does not have any potential problems.

If you decide to sell your house one day, good septic tank service and inspection history will play an important role in your sales ability. In fact, in many states, conducting a septic tank inspection is a major obstacle that needs to be resolved to complete a real estate transaction.

If you want to buy a house equipped with this type of septic tank treatment system, proper inspections are absolutely necessary. Septic tank inspections ensure that the system is functioning properly so that you and your family will not get sick due to leaks or other potential issues.

Since these types of treatment systems are located underground, it is easy for homeowners to ignore septic tank inspections. However, if there are any problems, you will want to take the time to call a professional inspection service agency to double-check.

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Types of Septic Inspections

There are two primary types of septic inspections: visual and full. House inspectors usually complete a visual inspection of the system. This will include checking the age and maintenance history of the system.

The inspector will also test the system by flushing the toilet and turning on the faucet to ensure that the pressure is good enough. This will also show that the septic tank system can properly treat water.

A visual inspection of the drainage yard will also need to be carried out. Inspectors are looking for stagnant water, which means that the drainage area may need to be replaced. And although all of these provide some indications about the health of the system, it does not fully indicate reliability. As such, a comprehensive or full inspection is required.

Types of Septic Inspections

How Much Do Septic Inspections Cost?

How much you pay for a septic inspection depends on the size of your septic system and the environment around it. As such, the cost can vary wildly. However, most homeowners can expect to pay an average of $300.

Typically, you’re looking at anywhere between $300 and $4750. Again, your exact septic arrangements can greatly impact the final cost. 

What’s more, septic inspections require specialized skills and training. Because of this, they aren’t included in traditional home inspections. An inspector who examines your septic system needs to have considerable experience and the necessary qualifications to safely and effectively pump septic systems. 

Failure to understand the exact workings of septic systems can result in contaminants getting released into the property and surrounding yard. 

When you secure the services of a qualified septic inspection service, the inspector will make sure that the sludge levels in your tank are not exceeding 1/3 of the tank’s volume total.

The inspector will also make sure your tank size is proportional to the needs of your home. Moreover, wastewater flow is examined to ensure that it is moving properly throughout drain lines and into a drain field.  

If there are any signs of waste leakage, your inspector will alert you to the damage and advise you on the necessary approach to resolve your septic concerns. 

how much do septic inspections cost

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