how long does a home inspection take?

How Long Does a Home Inspection Take?

To answer the question about how long a home inspection will take, we first need to establish the reason for having the inspection and who is conducting it. With this guide, buyers and sellers can effectively determine how long a home inspection typically lasts and why you need to conduct the inspection, even if they are not legally obligated.

We will introduce the process of a home inspection, who’s responsible for it, what is needed for the inspection, and the factors that affect the duration of the house inspection. As you will learn, not every home inspection is the same. Therefore, they can vary quite a bit in terms of length of completion.

When you hire Guardian Angel Inspections for your home inspection, you can look forward to comprehensive service from industry professionals who know what to look for. We follow a very strict series of protocols to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Upon completion, you can rest easy knowing that all essential components of your home have been thoroughly checked and examined. 

We proudly serve all of South Florida and strive to meet the needs of our customers. Therefore, if you need to conduct a house inspection, we invite you to call us. First, feel free to keep reading to learn more about home inspections and how long they take.

Home Inspections: What Are They?

Home inspections are procedures conducted by qualified professionals to check the integrity of your home. This can include its structure, roofing, plumbing, electrical and other components. Please note that the law does not require a home inspection, which means you need to know what it is and why you should arrange an inspection, whether you are a buyer or a seller. How long it takes to check for issues requires knowing how important they are if you plan on selling your home.

If the contract does not require a house inspection, the buyer may initiate the inspection through their real estate agent, as they may know an experienced home inspector to do the job properly. The inspection includes observing the structural and aesthetic issues of the house. These observations may include structural problems with the walls and foundations of the house, the health and safety of the house, and the state of the equipment.

The discovery of mold, structural problems, wood rot, electrical damage, or other issues may lead to you asking for a lower sale price. As long as the quotation contract does not stipulate that the house is being sold “as is,” the buyer can completely withdraw from the contract after discovering these problems.

How Long Do They Take?

The average inspection time for homes is between 2 and 3 hours. However, if we zero in on a specific size, we can get a better idea of how long your home inspection will take. For example, a 1,000 square foot house typically takes 1 ½ hours to complete an inspection. Of course, due to the above reasons we discussed, your inspection may take longer. Moreover, it’s usually safe to add half an hour to the total inspection time for every additional 500 square feet. 

The inspector’s experience is also important when trying to determine how long your home inspection will take. An experienced home inspector knows their way around homes and knows what to check just by the age of the house. Their experience also often aids them in accessing areas and systems that may prove difficult or time-consuming for a rookie. A good home inspector will also have a methodical process they follow. If your inspector “ping-pongs” around the home, there’s a chance they don’t have that process dialed in.

Depending on the home’s size, age, and its accessibility, you could be looking at a much longer home inspection. But regardless of how long your inspection ultimately takes, once it’s complete, you can generally look forward to getting your inspection report the same day.  At that point, any necessary repairs or renegotiations may begin.

To ensure a complete yet efficient home inspection, be sure to hire the most qualified professionals for the job. At Guardian Angel Inspections, we take great pride in the services we offer. We invite you to call us today to arrange your South Florida home inspection.

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