Coronavirus Preparation For a Home Inspection

Coronavirus Preparation For a Home Inspection

It’s pretty impossible to ignore the magnitude of the Coronavirus, with the abundance of school closings and event cancellations. We are not taking this lightly, either, and encourage everyone to protect themselves. We are in a different field, where our ‘office’ is other people’s homes. Here are a few tips, both for preparing your home for an inspection, as well as preparing for a home inspection of a home you are buying.

For Sellers:

  1. If you or someone in your home is sick, or has symptoms related to the virus, or has been sick in the last 14 days, please notify everyone involved in the transaction, as the inspection may need to be postponed.
  2. Sanitize all common area surfaces, including countertops, doorknobs, faucets, appliance handles, light switches, etc. This should be done prior to the inspector arriving, as well as after the inspection is complete.
  3. If it is possible, it would be beneficial for the seller to vacate the property during the inspection. This is for no other reason other than the least amount of people present at the inspection helps minimize the chance of spreading the virus.

For Buyers:

  1. While it is customary for the buyer to be present at the inspection, it is in everyone’s best interest that the buyer either come towards the end of the inspection, or request a phone call from the inspector with the summary after the inspection is completed.
  2. If the buyer insists on being present for the inspection, it would be considerate that ONLY the buyer and their agent be present. The less people present, the less chance of spreading the virus.
  3. In regards to the inspection agreement, this should be signed by the client prior to the inspection. While typically some inspection companies offer signing electronically at the start of the inspection via cellular phone or tablet, this is also a pathway for bacteria and germs to transfer from one person to another. Having the agreement signed prior eliminates this possibility.
  4. If someone that is part of the transaction, that is not present at the inspection, wishes to speak with the inspector, the phone should be put on speakerphone and held by the person to whom it belongs.

For Everyone:

  1. There should be no handshakes or fist-bumping. Remember to politely explain why, as no one wants to look like a jerk!
  2. Recommended distance between persons should be 6 feet.
  3. Wash your hands! We know everyone is overly tired of hearing this, but it is imperative. Warm water and soap kill bacteria. If soap is not available, hand sanitizer works fine, provided it’s a minimum of 60% alcohol.

Remember, the idea behind these guidelines is not containment of the virus, rather mitigation of its spreading. If we all do our part, we can help prevent the spread of this virus. If everyone does their part, we will all have a happier tomorrow!