We are one of the largest and most broadly based home inspection companies in South Florida. We’re making a positive impact on one of the most important purchases of people’s lives, every day.


At Guardian Angel Inspections, we use technology and the power of collaboration to help protect the most important and most expensive purchases of people’s lives, from providing stellar customer service while scheduling the inspection, performing a thorough inspection and timely reports to teaming up with a warranty company RWS (Residential Warranty Services) to help protect unforeseen issues that may arise well after the inspection, 100% free to clients.

Guardian Angel Inspections became one of the most trusted home inspection companies in the area and now, 6 years of experience and well over 7000 completed inspections, we continue to turn new ideas into a better quality of service for home buyers, sellers, and Real Estate Agents in South Florida. Through the general home inspection and multiple advanced inspection services, we develop and deliver the details necessary that allow people to make an educated decision about the property that they are purchasing.


Whether we’re inspecting the roof of a home by walking it or using a drone to reach two-story houses, looking for moisture intrusion with a moisture meter or using a high-resolution infrared camera that can detect temperature change that otherwise could not be detected with the naked eye, or inspecting the plumbing with a wall scope that can detect unwanted plumbing materials, Guardian Angel Inspections uses the latest technology on the market. Backed by our scope and ability to scale, together with experienced colleagues, your career will help the prospective home buyer or seller, on one of the most important purchases of people’s lives.


You deserve to work in a place where you feel well and welcome.

At Guardian Angel, everyone’s ideas contribute to making an impact on one of the most important purchases of people’s lives. Our Mission, the fundamental principles that guide Guardian Angel Inspections, reminds us that every perspective is important. We believe that when we fearlessly take care of people, communities, and the planet, business success will follow. That’s why how we do things is just as important as what we do.

Working At Guardian Angel Inspections Can Change Everything – Including YOU. Join Us.

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