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8 Most Common Issues Found on Home Inspections

Home inspections are the perfect opportunity to uncover potential issues in your home. Although every home is different, with different histories and care over the years, there are some common issues that are prevalent among all home inspections.

Here, we discuss the 8 most common issues found by the home inspector so that you can better anticipate the results of your home inspection. At Guardian Angel Inspections, we provide comprehensive service from our industry professionals who know what to look for when conducting home inspections. What’s more, we follow a very strict series of protocols to ensure that nothing is overlooked. If there are problems in your home that need to be addressed, you can count on us to find them. 

We proudly serve all of South Florida and strive to meet the needs of our customers. So if you need us to conduct a home inspection, we encourage you to give us a call. But first, please feel free to keep reading to learn more about home inspections and the 8 issues they commonly reveal.

What Are Home Inspections?

A home inspection is a specialized procedure performed by qualified professionals to check the integrity of a house. This can include its structure, roof, pipes, electrical and other components. Please note that the law does not require home inspections, which means you need to know what a home inspection is and why you should arrange an inspection, whether you are a buyer or a seller. 

If the contract doesn’t require a home inspection, the buyer can start the inspection through their real estate agent, as they may know an experienced home inspector to do the job correctly. The inspection includes observing the structural and aesthetic issues of the house. These observations may include structural problems with the walls and foundations of the house, the health and safety of the house, and the state of its various components.

Finding mold, structural problems, wood rot, electrical damage, or other problems may cause you to request a lower sales price. As long as the quotation contract does not stipulate that the house is sold “as is,” the buyer can completely withdraw from the contract after discovering these problems.

Therefore, you need to know what kind of problems may come to light in a home inspection so you can take appropriate action to correct these issues.

Top 8 Issues Found on Home Inspections

Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most destructive and costly problems a home inspector can find. Water is the main cause of mold, dry rot, and structural damage.

Bad Drainage

Often related to water damage, bad drainage can lead to further damage in and around the home. Your home inspector will examine the property to make sure there aren’t signs of bad drainage.

Faulty Wiring

This can be a costly issue. The home inspector will look at the junction boxes, breakers, electrical panel, and all other wiring throughout the house.

General Disrepair

Maintenance negligence can lead to expensive repairs down the road. The house may need to be repainted, new carpet installed, and so on.

Poor Gutters

Damaged gutters will prevent water from running away from the home correctly, which can lead to standing water and eventual infiltration.

Faulty Roof

There may be some troublesome problems with the roof, but unfortunately, these problems are not visible when you visit a potential house. Common roof problems during house inspections include wear, breakage, and poor installation.

Foundation Problems

Foundation damage can be caused by many other serious problems. Repairing the foundation of a house is a huge expense, and depending on the cause of the foundation defect, over time, potential problems may generate new foundation problems.

Faulty Plumbing

This is a common issue that often gets overlooked. Bad plumbing can cause great inconvenience and needs to be remedied before buying or selling.

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